Why it's worth investing in pre-wedding and honeymoon photo-shoot

Most of us are sceptical when we think about booking a pre-wedding photo-shoot or a honeymoon shoot. Sometimes we think it is expensive and worthless but here are some reasons why it's worth investing your time, money and energy.

What is a pre-wedding photo-shoot or a honeymoon shoot?

As the name suggests, it's a photo-shoot that takes place indoors or outdoors based on the theme decided before officially getting married.

Why it's worth investing?

There are various aspects or reasons I consider is worth investing because



1 Develop confidence

"Being confident is not a want but a need."


Not all of us are born with the inborn talent of facing the lens. Therefore I think it is great to invest in the pre-wedding photo-shoot. As it can help one to develop the confidence to face the camera. Before the day (wedding day) arrives, one can become quite comfortable with the photographer, which helps in clicking some gorgeous pictures.

2 A day out

"Adventure brings happiness to mind, body and soul."


Who does not love travelling and exploring the outskirts?

It's worth getting a pre-wedding photo-shoot or in that even a honeymoon shoot because the couple can get a chance to explore the unexplored places. And spend some quality time together.

3. Add on to the memories of your wedding.

"Life is but a series of memories we live, create and cherish."



On the wedding day, one is obviously going to get clicked. A pre-wedding photo-shoot adds on the memories of the wedding timeline. You can use the pictures clicked on the wedding cards or even create a slideshow and present it on the sangeet day to bring on the extra element to the wedding.

4. A rehearsal

"Practice makes a man perfect."


A pre-wedding shoot can act as a rehearsal for the wedding day photo-shoot, mentioned earlier one gets to know the photographer and the photographer gets to know you, your body language and your profile. This can further help him capture gorgeous pictures of you and your partner on the big day.


Now, let's talk about honeymoon shoots, why would anyone want a third person to come along in the honeymoon when its meant for the newlyweds to enjoy their time. I think just as pre-wedding shoots, honeymoon shoots are also worth investing

1. Can relax and enjoy

"Relaxation leads to a calm and positive mindset."

 it's quite common that one would ask a stranger to click a couple of photos. And chances are not everyone is a good photographer, sometimes this would result in getting blurred pictures. To avoid this, I strongly feel it is worth getting a honeymoon shoot, as the photographer will do his job. And you are in no pressure to pose in front of the camera.


2. Good quality Pictures

"Quality matters, not Quantity."

Nowadays our smartphones are capable enough to click some good photos. But it is not always advisable to get the photos clicked on iPhones. It would not be as clear and perfect as a picture on the camera. These photographs are going to be with you forever. So why not get it clicked in a camera. At least the resolution of the image will be excellent compared to the mobile image.


3. Leave your gadgets

"The less the load, the more is the freedom."

With a professional photographer and his expensive gadgets with him, you can just carry your luggage and no extra baggage like selfie sticks or tripod to get pictures. The photographer will look after everything. Therefore, saving your time and relaxing you from the pictorial worries.

The tension baggage is given to the photographer. You can forget about the anxiety of getting clicked. And live in the moment, after all at the end of the day one feels happy recalling the moments enjoyed.