Why you should invest money on pre-wedding shoot


Pre-wedding photography is the latest trend emerging in Asia particularly India and has become very popular in a short time, there are many reasons to invest money in the pre-wedding shoot :

Get Familiar
A pre-wedding shoot is a great risk-free opportunity to get an idea about the photographer’s style and strengths, on the other hand, he/she will learn about what angles of you will give the best photograph and also your tastes and strength.

Shoot at the wedding is a big event, not just for you and your partner but also for the family.  Presence of parents, siblings, relatives and friends will make you anxious, If you are a camera nervous, a pre-wedding shoot will help you in holding your nerve at the wedding day.  

Get Candid
At most modern Indian weddings, a photographer finds himself/herself quite confused. While young couples want the romantic and candid shoot, whereas parents want an old simple style which might be boring. The pre-wedding shoot usually takes place outside the home at which you and your partners are alone with the photographer, so you have a full day to take photographs of your choice.

Get Casual
Wedding shoots are usually in a formal dress, however, at the pre-wedding shoot you can experiment with different types of dresses, as 
wedding is once a lifetime event, it is important to make it rememberable.

Don't feel left behind
When everyone is a part of something cool and trendy, you don't want to be left behind, Instagram accounts of your friends and siblings might be filled with a pre-wedding shoot at the enviable destination, its time to be a part of a cool club rather than left behind in a dark.

Enjoy the moment
Wedding is not just about signing a bond to live together but also should be a fun moment, pre-wedding shoots are fun and lifetime remembrance event.

Get Creative
A pre-wedding shoot is a personal thing between you and your partner, and its time to unleash your creativity, you can go to mountains, exotic beaches or ancient monuments, and have the best time of your life.

How it Works

  • Now your Honeymoon Shoot just a Click away Simply search a Photographer as per  your honeymoon destination across India
  • Book it as per your convenience of Time and location
  • One  session usually last for 4 to 5 hours in which 2 to 3 Location can be  easily cover 
  • Once the shoot is done  next day soft copies will be delivered to you
  • For your complimentary personalized photo book, you need to send us your selected photos  which need to be print, this photo book will be delivered  with in 7 working day after receiving the photos


  • The Operational hours of the activity are between 9:30 am- 6:30 pm.
  • There is no height & weight standards.
  • Please carry your own outfits and accessories.
  • The price may vary according to the location of the customer.

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