Top Photo Shoot Ideas For Your Honeymoon!

Honeymoon photo shoots are getting creative by the day! You are at a beautiful location, are happily married and there is no better moment than now to capture it all. If you are looking at amazing photo shoot ideas for your honeymoon, we’ve made the ultimate list just for you!

                Sunset/Sunrise Photo Shoot

Called the golden hour by photographers, this is the perfect timeline for a photo shoot, especially on your honeymoon. The lighting is perfect and so are you! If you are doing a sunset one, you can progress post the sunset to get some silhouette shots, and if its sunrise, you can do a full-blown photoshoot once the sun has completely risen!

  • A  Couple Sunset Shoot at Goa

                                            Beach Shoot

Honeymooning at a beach destination? Use the beach to the maximum and capitalize on all this sea-worthy! Right from seashells, to the sand, you can use all of these elements to create a beautiful beach photoshoot


Never had the time (or energy!) to do a pre-wedding photoshoot? Your honeymoon location is a great destination to do one. You can relax, wear whatever you want and just have fun during your photo shoot. Plus with exotic locations, the pictures are bound to come much more amazing than a regular pre-wedding shoot!



How it Works

  • Now your Honeymoon Shoot just a Click away Simply search a Photographer as per  your honeymoon destination across India
  • Book it as per your convenience of Time and location
  • One  session usually last for 4 to 5 hours in which 2 to 3 Location can be  easily cover 
  • Once the shoot is done  next day soft copies will be delivered to you
  • For your complimentary personalized photo book, you need to send us your selected photos  which need to be print, this photo book will be delivered  with in 7 working day after receiving the photos


  • The Operational hours of the activity are between 9:30 am- 6:30 pm.
  • There is no height & weight standards.
  • Please carry your own outfits and accessories.
  • The price may vary according to the location of the customer.

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