Why its worth spending more money on Honeymoon than big fat Indian wedding ?


Indian weddings are always extravagant. From royal venues to its decoration. From colourful costumes to delicious cuisine. Friends and relatives come from various parts of the world to attend your wedding. But do you wish to spend all your savings on a lavish wedding or a honeymoon?

Here are some reasons that will convince you to spend your money on a honeymoon rather than a wedding.

1. Unforgettable experience 

Having a big fat wedding and inviting people you barely know is a waste of money. Imagine your distant relative whom you have rarely seen coming to attend your wedding. It will make you feel uncomfortable. And the wedding would be crowded.

You can instead have an intimate wedding affair, inviting friends and relatives who are genuinely close to you. A small wedding will not only save your expense, but the wedding will be memorable as well. 

Spend the saved money on a honeymoon. Experts say spending money on experiences rather than on materials is more satisfying. 

Why then do not invest in an experience than on things? Materials are temporary. Experiences and memories are for a lifetime.

2. Travel feeds the spirit.

Most of us want to travel as it's proven to be therapeutic to the soul. Disregard getting dressed in heavy clothes for your wedding and smiling at people. Instead, you can go to the Maldives with your partner and spend some happy moments.

In the end, the designer lehenga or heavy saree won't make you happy which, anyway, are going to sit in your closet getting dust. But the moments lived and memories created are your lifetime cherishment. 

3. Partner over relatives 

Fairly, than spending time in ceremonies with never met relatives. Imagine you exploring yourself and spending every minute with your partner. Imagine beautiful sunsets and deep blue ocean.

The honeymoon will mark the beginning of the new chapter in your life. Why not consider giving it a fresh and new start. Therefore I think it's wise to spend on a honeymoon rather than expensing it on designer clothes and lavish venues.

4. Different culture, different food 

If your wedding is huge, you are going to spend some amount of your budget on catering. 
Now think if you get a chance to taste different cuisine and explore a different culture. Trying new stuff is always mesmerising. 
I feel its better to spend money on a honeymoon rather than wasting your money to feed two hundred people at the wedding.

5. Mementoes 

Most of the relatives and friends attending your wedding might gift you dinner sets or a pair of good bedsheets. 
Now imagine you and your partner collecting mementoes from your honeymoon destination. 
In a prior case, your room will get stuffed with random gifts. Which, you may like or dislike. But imagine decorating your home with showpieces that are emotionally attached to you. I think the latter sounds exciting and satisfying. 

Overall it's good to plan a small wedding and spend more on the honeymoon. Because the honeymoon has many advantages of a lifetime. Using most of your budget for the wedding. But at the end choice is always yours.

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