Nowadays, the trend to get married at exotic locations is set among the modern, sophisticated couples who are determined to be a cut above the rest. Whisking friends and family away to a multi-day party is the latest norm. Baraats in iconic cobbled avenues in quaint European towns, Sangeet in a candle lit sea shore, Mandapsin white sand and of course, photoshoots at heritage sites.

As exciting as it sounds, you need to go through a planning process. So here we bring you the most important elements you need to be aware of, to have an optical free happily ever after.


Choose the destination that is an unconventional one. Lesser-known venues would go an extra mile to add a sparkle to your special day. The fact that you want to tie the knot at an exotic location is a given, but you'll need to factor in several other variables to arrive at the most suitable choice.



Decide on the guest list

Prepare for vital questions like, what is the size of your guest list? Can one hotel accommodate everyone? Does the city have favorable weather conditions? And such.

Tosave money, have the wedding during the off season when the prices and taxes are low. As the primary aim is to have an intimate wedding in a perfect setting, trim down the guest list be it coworkers or distant family members.


Arrangefor the best photographers

Of course, a lavish wedding or not, it’s the captured incredible reminiscences that is going to put a nostalgic smile on your face later on.


Plan the transportation

Ensure the locale you select is feasible to reach by air, rail or road. Because we do not want to tire the guests with multiple layovers and complicated visa formalities, do we? Also look at the aspects like distance from airports, ease of language, nearer distance to the city's main sights and so on.




Go for a minimal decor

Flowers, satin cloths, among the other things always suck up money and so that can be minimized. Let your venue have a natural setting and provide the backdrop for the perfect picture moments. Though hotels boast of providing vendors, photographers, caterers and makeup artists it is always either a make or break. So bring in your own board and approve only after trials and going through their previous clients’ experiences.


Take important care of other costs

It is the small things in life that leave a touch. So getting a local artist who can paint portraits of the guests, or a  DJ who can make the elders do a ‘Rock n Roll’, or even a bartender who is bound to impress with fire blowing tricks need to be looked upon because we need the talking to last, don't we?


Send out your invites early

To plan an incredible wedding and to give your guest limited time to work out their schedule is no justice. So make sure the invites are sent earlier and go further and book the travel agencies earlier to avoid confusions that are bound to happen at the last minute.

How it Works

  • Now your Honeymoon Shoot just a Click away Simply search a Photographer as per  your honeymoon destination across India
  • Book it as per your convenience of Time and location
  • One  session usually last for 4 to 5 hours in which 2 to 3 Location can be  easily cover 
  • Once the shoot is done  next day soft copies will be delivered to you
  • For your complimentary personalized photo book, you need to send us your selected photos  which need to be print, this photo book will be delivered  with in 7 working day after receiving the photos


  • The Operational hours of the activity are between 9:30 am- 6:30 pm.
  • There is no height & weight standards.
  • Please carry your own outfits and accessories.
  • The price may vary according to the location of the customer.

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